New logistics plant in Vignate

The new Multilogistics Spa plant in Vignate becomes operational on 1 January 2022.
Arising from the ashes of a historic company that dealt with prefabricated concrete buildings, the area was recovered by Multilogistics in 2020 with the desire to use the urban regeneration model. The project has undergone the total reclamation of the area, adopting innovative techniques, supervised by the ARPA of Milan. In the area recovery project, respect for the ecosystem and the urban reality with ZERO CONSUMPTION OF LAND to protect the territory was taken into account.

The brand new Multilogistics Spa plant is state-of-the-art and was built following green principles, various solutions with little impact on the environment were used, with the potential to obtain an excellent BREEAM rating: the large photovoltaic surface allows generous energy savings; there is a rainwater recovery system to feed the gray water and irrigation systems of green areas planted with native species, not using municipal water, thus generating significant water savings; charging points for electric vehicles will soon be installed; a source of pride for the logistics and transport company Multilogistics Spa which has been present in the Martesana area for years.

The plant, which covers a total area of ​​55 thousand meters, is equipped with 37 flaps (all automatic) for the loading and unloading of heavy vehicles, of 2 zero heights that allow the entry of small vehicles inside the warehouse, an area for side loads and a large parking area equipped with toilets and a break area for waiting drivers.

Equipped with the best and most modern security systems, both inside and outside the warehouse, the building was built with the concept of a “smart” warehouse: home automation allows the monitoring of various parameters (from LED lighting to charging of the servo vehicles), with the aim of using only the necessary energy and avoiding unnecessary waste, the sore point of all classic warehouses.

This new reality launches Multilogistics Spa in the logistics of the future, despite the fact that the company is solidly anchored to the values ​​of the past but with a clear predisposition to the technologies of the future.
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